The industry challenges that needs to be solved

The challenges of our industries are many and varied – and we are on a continuous mission to become the best at helping our customers in this. Below are the key challenges we see – do you see other issues?

Market volatility: Volatility undermines customers’ ability to pursue shareholder payoff, and opportunities brought by volatility remain untapped at large for the same reasons.

Prediction reliance and fragility: Many work on improving prediction capabilities. The real problem is not poor prediction, it is prediction reliance and how that makes us fragile to the volatility in the market.

Visibility in goal setting and strategic decision-making: Because of market volatility and prediction reliance, most strategies are undermined when the world changes.

Lack of sustainable and systematic value creation: Many work periodically, often in connection with Board updates, with shareholder value, mostly intended as reporting, rather than continuous value creation.

Strategy execution: In particular long-term and more complex strategic initiatives with low operational urgency have a tendency to not take high priority despite their potential to transform shareholder returns.

Lack of value driver and options management: A static view of the future directly conflicts with the dynamic circumstances and opportunities businesses face, leaving many slow and re-active in managing key drivers and opportunities.

Heavy and static valuation and return simulation: With models that require +50 inputs detailed for every year 30 years into the future, many work with models that cannot deliver meaningful outputs when needed for strategic decision-making.

Relatively old-fashioned and re-active industries: Maybe because we are global industries, often small teams are geographically widespread with limited opportunity to learn from each other, share best practises e.t.c. – some other industries take the lead on incorporating the latest thinking and technology.

Connectivity, collaboration and accessibility: Our industries leave opportunities for connecting with key players unexplored. Means of an increasingly connected world with mobile and flexible resources are not used. Also, internal information in documents and email is often not easily accessible organization-wide.

 Do you see other challenges where you are based? We are fascinated by our field and how such challenges are solved, and would welcome hearing from you.


Nicklas V. Fursund

Nicklas V. Fursund

Strategy and Operations

Former Director of Strategy and Operational Transformation at Maersk Line, and Head of Operations in North Europe, Nicklas works with both shipping lines and terminal operators today to improve results.

During his career at Maersk Line, Nicklas worked in commercial roles, line management, product management, HR, strategy, operations and various leadership roles.

Educational background: Master in International Trade and various from IMD, INSEAD and Wharton Business School.

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