Terminal Asset Portfolio Management

Portfolio management
The typical challenges associated with managing an asset portfolio are: 

  • Being stuck with stable or poor assets and not seeing good options for further value creation
  • Understanding all value drivers, options and key scenarios and actively work to reduce risk and improve returns
  • Changing processes and mindset from passive investment reviews that compare performance against business cases and budgets to proactive, continuous drive to improve returns
  • Unlocking value in unfamiliar ways such as a financial investors lacking industry knowledge or a strategic owner lacking knowledge about financial engineering
  • Getting updates on developments and engage in good sparring between board meetings and visits
  • Sharing information quickly and intelligently across the organization
  • Having a clear overview of historical data and communication

We challenge our clients’ views on how higher value can be unlocked from existing assets and help them all the way through to realization. We also offer an industry- and client-specific collaboration software solution that addresses the portfolio management challenges.



Michael Møller

Michael Møller


Former Regional Finance Manager and Controller at APM Terminals in Asia and Europe, Michael works with terminals and investors to understand and manage risk and value.

During his career at APM Terminals, Michael worked with valuation, performance, controlling, financing, acquisitions and business development.

Educational background: MBA from Georgetown University and M.Sc. (Finance/Accounting) from Copenhagen Business School.


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