Industry-founded valuation

Industry founded valuation
While infrastructure assets and projects tend to be somewhat simple in nature, their valuation is often complex and uncertain due to the following factors:

  • Very high initial investment and long ownership period.
  • Fixed-asset nature with assets being hard or impossible to move or repurpose.
  • Subject to important internal factors such as government regulation, supply-demand factors and supporting infrastructure.
  • Potential for restrictions on expansion and ability to meet customer needs.
  • Few, large customers that are increasingly consolidating.
  • Limited relevance of peer-multiples due to low number of deals in many sectors and deals often not being comparable.

We approach valuation with humility and awareness of the uncertainties. While we understand the need for precision and actionable outcomes we seek to apply our industry experience to leave no stone unturned.



Michael Møller

Michael Møller


Former Regional Finance Manager and Controller at APM Terminals in Asia and Europe, Michael works with terminals and investors to understand and manage risk and value.

During his career at APM Terminals, Michael worked with valuation, performance, controlling, financing, acquisitions and business development.

Educational background: MBA from Georgetown University and M.Sc. (Finance/Accounting) from Copenhagen Business School.


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