InduStreams Lab

InduStreams Lab develops solutions to the hardest challenges faced by the maritime industry

The maritime industry is full of opportunities

As a maritime executive, you know that the industry is generally not yielding satisfactory financial results and needs new solutions to tackle the inhibiting challenges.

InduStreams Lab develops innovative products to cater for the needs of the industry.

Collaborating with forward looking maritime executives, we seek to pinpoint the specific problems that needs to be solved. Working with product development engineers, industry people and some of the worlds leading tech companies, we make high quality products, with high impact. Maybe your problem should be next on our to-do list?

Examples of common industry challenges

The following are examples of key pains that are hard to solve and that many in the maritime industry face:

  • As a terminal operator, how to embark on managing thousands of BCOs without processes or IT to do so?
  • How to leverage big data easily – without embarking of large, complex and costly enterprise development?
  • As a liner company, how to implement smart contracts with terminals that incentivize faster operations without adding a large administrative burden?
  • How to benefit from the latest web technology in internal processes, that today rely on legacy systems or manual files (paper, archives e.t.c.)
  • As a terminal operator, what modern tools can I use to manage the largest value driver, top line?

Above are examples where a sustainable solution is needed, not consulting. The solutions are what we are passionate about.

Free offer: Get inspiration on your key challenge

We continuously seek new potential challenges and thus opportunities in the maritime industry.
 If you face an opportunity that is hard to unlock, we would be happy to hear about it. In return, we will share our view and experience on how you could approach it, based on our experience on tools, ways, customer cases and leading IT in the market. The value for us, is building a database of industry challenges we can work on.

We look forward to hearing from you: