Unlike traditional PPP advisory, which seeks to include socio-economic value, our focus is on driving solid returns for the port in questions from a perspective of shareholder returns.

Specifically we see the following as being areas with large untapped value for port authorities, port groups and port landlords in general.

  • Managing for stable portfolio returns and upside across port activities
  • Strategic client acquisition and management

Through engagement with many industry constituents we have also found that there is a general ambition to become LEAN and focused on core activities, which has meant that many are looking for sometimes basic but very important support.

We are consequently also working with clients who specifically look for:

  • Impact simulation and financial modeling
  • Strategy setting and execution

This has allowed our clients to let go of a number of complex but non-core activities, but also to use us as sparing partners to get an external and objective view on areas that are often muddled by subjectivity.

Finally by putting shareholder returns at the forefront of these services our experience has been that it removes much clutter and allow our clients to focus and establish traction where it matters the most.