Industry-founded valuation

Our consultants are industry experts with extensive experience in their particular area be it market analysis, project and asset development and business case evaluation or financial modeling.

We believe good valuation work needs to be based on the following:

  • Industry-founded full financial modeling of free cash flow.
  • Extensive customized analysis of factors impacting valuation such as competitive landscape, development plans and supply and demand.
  • Extensive analysis of scenarios and sensitivities rather than building a business case on only one forecast.
  • Industry-founded risk analysis that relies on industry knowledge to identify key risks and possibilities for mitigation.

Our hands-on experience with a wide range of experienced risks, project and asset types, competitive landscapes and financial model variations enables us to provide valuations and support our clients’ own valuation work in ways that add real value compared to more generic analysis and standard market forecasts.

Michael Møller

Michael Møller


Former Regional Finance Manager and Controller at APM Terminals in Asia and Europe, Michael works with terminals and investors to understand and manage risk and value.

During his career at APM Terminals, Michael worked with valuation, performance, controlling, financing, acquisitions and business development.

Educational background: MBA from Georgetown University and M.Sc. (Finance/Accounting) from Copenhagen Business School.


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